Spring Unsprung

Spring Unsprung

I’ll be straight with you: This past Easter season has been too glorious to be spent indoors blogging. In southwest Blighty we have been mightily blessed with hours of sunshine and warmth. So here’s a pictorial tour of God’s beautiful creation as it has been unfolding in our gardens. (Warning: this post contains lots of photos of flowers.)

The cherry and peach trees are in blossom, the fig is in fruit…




The beautiful rows of irises and crocuses have given way to the most majestic tulips, “Queen of the Night”…


The Aubrieta is in full swing…


And the forget-me-not which decorates our front porch is playing host to plenty of insects:

Bee on forget-me-not


In a week where the dishwasher gave up, the kids had headlice, and the car broke down, it has been a blessing to retreat into all this new and beautiful life.

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”                                           ~Revelation 21:5

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