Quick Cookies


This is the really easy cookie recipe I usually use.  It actually takes 5 minutes to mix up and 10 minutes to bake, so it’s great for short notice guests, or when the biscuit barrel is bare!

This is not a healthy recipe, it’s just a tasty treat, complete with fat and sugar, so enjoy in moderation! 😉  You can use gluten-free flour, we usually we use white spelt.  For a dairy-free version you could sub in 125g coconut oil for the butter.  This recipe makes 25-30 cookies.

Soften ½ block butter (1 US stick),
Beat in ¾ cup (US) sugar,
Whisk in 1 large egg,
Mix in 1 ¼ cup flour and pinch of salt. (Or substitute oats, dessicated coconut or ground almonds for part of this measurement).
Spoon tablespoon mounds onto lined baking trays. Bake for 8-12 minutes at 180°c.
Leave to rest for 5 minutes on the trays.
Share and enjoy.


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