Dig For Victory 2015: A Time To Sow

It’s still very much a time to sow on our plot. This year we are following John Seymour’s recommendation, in his seminal Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency, to use a seed bed. This is new for us, but will save time and faff. Two of our veg beds are idle for a while longer until cucumbers, […]

The Science of Siblings

“Why do we have to do so many jobs?” asked our dearest daughter. “Because we don’t live like Bear Grylls in the Andes,” came my curt reply. “We have rooms to clean, plates to wash up, laundry to hang…” “And, because you aren’t the only child in this house.” I added. This has been a […]

Spring Unsprung

I’ll be straight with you: This past Easter season has been too glorious to be spent indoors blogging. In southwest Blighty we have been mightily blessed with hours of sunshine and warmth. So here’s a pictorial tour of God’s beautiful creation as it has been unfolding in our gardens. (Warning: this post contains lots of […]

Screentime. (Or Should I Say Screamtime?)

  This is most definitely a first-world problem: The whens, hows and whys of limiting our children’s access and exposure to TV, video games, computers and smartphones. I don’t feel that total abolition of the stuff is going to work for our household. I wish it would, but for better or worse, these things are […]

Join The Revolution

  I’ve signed up for this completely free summit. I’m really not an online summit junkie. But I am just a bit crazy about essential oils right now, and not that knowledgeable yet! I am also so pleased that this one is guaranteed by the organisers to not be a bunfight over which brand of […]

DIY Lip Balm

This healthy, homemade lip balm is a doddle to make. And it’s so amazing – I put it on when I go to bed, and when I wake up it’s still on. It’s also fabulous for dry or chapped hands, stretch marks, etc. (Bullet-point list alert.) Here’s the equipment you will need: A small, clean […]

Jobs For The Kids

Fresh from our ACC (the Annual Chore Conference), we’re enjoying a slightly cleaner, if a slightly more confused home. I’ll be honest, we left introducing chores for our children until it was almost too late. I dearly hope you don’t make this mistake too. In fact, if you’re reading this and your 1 year-old is […]

A Case Of Identity Theft

A retired High Court Judge once shared with my husband that, when he arrived at his senior school over seventy years ago, he was asked, “What would you like to learn?” How fabulous! And how far from today’s reality. In our modern, western, individualistic society, the individuality of children is being suppressed. In the late […]

DIY Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

I love the smell, and health benefits, of essential oils. I’m not an aromatherapist (yet), and I don’t feel I can afford, or justify, the purchase of an electric diffuser (yet). So I was looking at the simple ones in the shop – where you stick a few reeds in a bottle. And they were […]

Dig for Victory 2015 – Sensational Seedlings

  Maybe I’m just weird, but I really love photographing seedlings.  These tiny seeds are amazing powerhouses, containing all the information needed to produce an entire plant, bearing fruit, in a matter of weeks. Take a look at these sweet pea seedlings:     And now, here are the same seedlings, just 5 days later: […]

Make A Rhyme Box

  Contrary to appearances, this box of junk is not just what I picked up off the floor this morning.  This old shoe box has been filled deliberately with pairs of small toys that rhyme. Pan, man. Bear, chair. Hat, cat. Bag, flag. Fish, dish.     This idea is ridiculously easy and entirely free. […]

A Philosophy Of Education

  “The educational outlook is rather misty and depressing both at home and abroad…we have no unifying principle, no definite aim; in fact, no philosophy of education.” Thus Charlotte Mason opened the preface to her Home Education Series. She was commenting on public education in Britain at the dawning of the 20th century, and she […]

Find Your Home Ed Style

  Like Joseph’s coat, home education is many-coloured. Understandably, then, there is plenty of overlap between the different hues. A couple of facets stand out. First is the tailoring of learning to the individual child, to a greater or lesser extent. Second is the vast scope provided in the home for conversational learning, a powerful […]

Healthy Homemade Eau de Toilette

  A couple of years ago I realised I had no idea what was contained in the perfumes soaking into my skin and bloodstream on a daily basis. I stopped using them, and switched to straight-up Body Odour, but it’s not as sweet smelling, and recently I finally got around to creating a replacement. You […]

Get started with notebooking

  Notebooking seems to me a rather fancy name for project work.  Or maybe project work is just as fancy a name for what is putting-down-on-paper-what-you-have-learnt. It’s really an organic form of unit study, or unit study for autonomous learners. More long words! How about this:  A child begins a study of a topic of […]

On school uniform, and uniform schools

  One of the really obvious things about most schools in the UK is that all of the children wear the same outfit. A source of great chagrin to most of the pupils who use and abuse it, its role is to level the playing field, prevent distraction, discourage bullying, deter truancy, promote a good […]


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