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To get in the mood for Frozen 2 there’s plenty of fun to be had, while you wait, FOR FREE!  We were really late to the party with the original, but I think we are almost ready for a fresh dose!  Although I wasn’t all that impressed by the first film’s plot, I thought the soundtrack was an improvement on Tangled, and we have been enjoying the music in particular for the past year.

In any case the usual sort Frozen-symptoms occurred last year in with 2 out of the 4 little ones and back then I thought I would try to accelerate the obsession out of them!  In other words that by deliberately doing lots of Frozen-related stuff I would see if even they got fed up with it?!  Not sure if it worked, but they had fun!

IMG_1128 IMG_1126

I always prefer to encourage free-hand drawing.  And on this occasion we got lucky with some musical motivation too, with our 9yo learning some simple chords on the piano to accompany his 7 yo sister singing Let it Go.  She has a sweet voice, and it turns out he has a good ear for the piano.  As they say, every cloud has a silver lining 😉

IMG_1061 IMG_1062

This Disney site is the best one for a range of activities, all you need is a semi-decent printer and some paper.  There are ice lolly recipes and song lyrics, but my kids enjoyed some simple colouring-in of Anna and Elsa and Olaf, cutting out a poseable snowman and trying out mazes like this one (pretty tricky actually).

If you would like some more interesting colouring sheets then this site has a lots of scenes from the film, and they look fairly convincing.

If you are fed up with your snowflakes looking chunky, this is the way to do it.  Disney’s snowflakes are hard, but do look rather good.

If you are ready to step up a notch then check out these Elsa and Anna papercraft dolls. These are heavy on adult involvement, although my 7 and 9 year olds managed to do almost all the cutting out and some of the gluing.  Double-sided tape is your friend for this craft 🙂  Apparently Frozen 2 isn’t set for release until 2018, so I’m sure you’ll have these finished in time. :p




If we are lucky enough to get some snow in this temperate part of the UK this winter then I am sure they will be out there building a fine Olaf  🙂


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