Dig for Victory 2015 – Garlic and Shallots

The crocuses and irises at the top of our front lawn have emerged to signal the arrival of spring, aren’t they spectacular?


This week we have all been helping to get things underway down on the farm – from the largest to the smallest.  Well, not so much the very smallest, unless you count eating a third of the marigold seedlings as help (oops).

We have been digging over the beds at the front then planting and netting shallots.  We have a lot of interested jackdaws that aren’t so good at telling their shallot from their worm until after they’ve pulled it out.


We’ve also been thinning out the tomato seedlings.  We eat a lot of tomatoes and love to make fresh Italian pasta sauce.


Then we dug over the spinach and salad beds in the rear garden, and planted the garlic bulbs around the edges as companions to deter various pests that don’t love the smell of garlic as much as we love the taste.  Garlic likes well-drained soil so we poured a little sand around each bulb to help prevent mould, then covered them over completely with soil, fertiliser and ash (to hopefully increase the potassium content which benefits alliums and fruit).




We need to crack on and eat up the leeks, and we are still enjoying the purple sprouting broccoli.


What are you growing this year?


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