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Children Cost Money

  “Children cost money.” This profound truth spilled eloquently from the lips of former Conservative Party Leader Iain Duncan Smith last month at his Party’s annual conference.  I once had the dubious pleasure of riding in a lift with this man, though I have to say his leery look was somewhat underwhelming. Recently I have […]

The Science of Siblings: Health Benefits?

  The photo above shows our lavender plants in bud along the garden path. We refer collectively to our two youngest children as the Darling Buds of May. Nothing to do with the old BBC TV show of that name, but because the Buds (as they’re known for short) were both born in May (albeit […]

Why Every Room Needs An Egg Timer

In our house, I have decided, every room needs an egg timer. Maybe not a fuschia pink one, but a timer nonetheless. I love this twisty egg-shaped timer. Simple, mechanical, no batteries required. It makes a motivating tick-tock and a satisfying, loud rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. In the kitchen my pink timer is used, naturally, for baking cakes, […]

The Science of Siblings

“Why do we have to do so many jobs?” asked our dearest daughter. “Because we don’t live like Bear Grylls in the Andes,” came my curt reply. “We have rooms to clean, plates to wash up, laundry to hang…” “And, because you aren’t the only child in this house.” I added. This has been a […]

Jobs For The Kids

Fresh from our ACC (the Annual Chore Conference), we’re enjoying a slightly cleaner, if a slightly more confused home. I’ll be honest, we left introducing chores for our children until it was almost too late. I dearly hope you don’t make this mistake too. In fact, if you’re reading this and your 1 year-old is […]

Why kids can’t find things

  It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young child sent in search of an urgently needed object, must be in want of any idea how to find it. In our house, as in any house with several children, it is (dis)organised chaos much of the time.  I thought it was quite tidy, but […]

Back to homeschool

It’s been a beautiful and busy summer for us.  Here we are at the Field of Dreams, the UK’s largest wildflower meadow, down in our corner of Somerset.  We’ve harvested and eaten hundreds of strawberries (Pimms, anyone?), watched the World Cup, broken a leg (literally), had the archery set out lots, celebrated ten years of […]

Sunshine at last!

Sunshine at last!

The spring sunshine arrived a few weeks ago so we could get on in the garden!

The hills are alive….

The hills are alive….

The Sound of Music has been an inspiration to B for some time!

Gym boy

Gym boy

After just a few weeks at gym, J has brought home his first certificate.


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