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Taking a reading

  Long have I longed for this day: my child joyfully reading entire books, entirely unprovoked. Oh what a blessing, what a relief.  All those hours of wondering, worrying – will he ever read?  No amount of anecdotes or testimonies or re-assurance from education experts – “a child growing up in a literate society/household will […]

How we PRACTISE phonics

There’s a myriad of ways for a child to consolidate the phonics knowledge he/she has gained.  Here’s just a few of our favourite ways. Salt/sand/teabag tray A tray with a sheet of coloured card sprinkled liberally with table salt makes a great tactile writing board.  Children can draw lines, shapes, and letters with their fingers.  […]

How we teach phonics

We are now at the phonics stage with child #3.  Here are the methods we use. 1. Alphabet wall poster/wall-hanging These are really popular – think the kind of thing plastered round the walls of a nursery school 🙂  I decided to make something myself since I don’t want my dining room to look like […]

McGuffey Primers – No school like the old school!

After reading about these primers on lots of US homeschool blogs we decided to give them a try.  First of all I perused the digital archived copies on  I printed off the Revised Primer for free, then cut and bound it into a pamphlet to use with our 8 year old. Originally published in […]

Blighty Garden Birds

Blighty Garden Birds

Garden birds have become a hot topic in the last few weeks here. J has been spotting birds on the feeder, including robins, blue tits, great tits and goldfinches.


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