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Children Cost Money

  “Children cost money.” This profound truth spilled eloquently from the lips of former Conservative Party Leader Iain Duncan Smith last month at his Party’s annual conference.  I once had the dubious pleasure of riding in a lift with this man, though I have to say his leery look was somewhat underwhelming. Recently I have […]

Dear Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister

  Here’s my letter to David Cameron asking him to value the home, and mothers in particular.   Dear Mr Cameron, Re.: Mothers at home do valuable work I am writing to implore you to consider the hundreds of thousands of mothers who do essential, worthwhile work in their homes, caring for the children who […]

The Politics of Mothering

It’s not just any women that bring voters into the world. It’s mothers. When I first read one of Vanessa Olorenshaw’s HuffPost articles I thought: she took the words right out of my mouth. Her campaign hinges on this bold observation: that mothers who choose not to work have become persona non grata in UK […]


There's no place like home. Home is where the heart is. An Englishman's home is his castle. And so on. Cheesy cliches aside, we are nonetheless aiming for a renaissance of the home.

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