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Embracing Life

  My husband recently observed that almost ­­everything we are striving for in our home is, in one way or another, either creating – or sustaining – life.  That’s our vision, our dream, our plan.  We sow cabbages; then we wipe caterpillar eggs off them. We hatch out ducklings; then we feed them and muck […]

The Science of Siblings: Health Benefits?

  The photo above shows our lavender plants in bud along the garden path. We refer collectively to our two youngest children as the Darling Buds of May. Nothing to do with the old BBC TV show of that name, but because the Buds (as they’re known for short) were both born in May (albeit […]

Dear Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister

  Here’s my letter to David Cameron asking him to value the home, and mothers in particular.   Dear Mr Cameron, Re.: Mothers at home do valuable work I am writing to implore you to consider the hundreds of thousands of mothers who do essential, worthwhile work in their homes, caring for the children who […]

Why Every Room Needs An Egg Timer

In our house, I have decided, every room needs an egg timer. Maybe not a fuschia pink one, but a timer nonetheless. I love this twisty egg-shaped timer. Simple, mechanical, no batteries required. It makes a motivating tick-tock and a satisfying, loud rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. In the kitchen my pink timer is used, naturally, for baking cakes, […]

The Politics of Mothering

It’s not just any women that bring voters into the world. It’s mothers. When I first read one of Vanessa Olorenshaw’s HuffPost articles I thought: she took the words right out of my mouth. Her campaign hinges on this bold observation: that mothers who choose not to work have become persona non grata in UK […]

Jobs For The Kids

Fresh from our ACC (the Annual Chore Conference), we’re enjoying a slightly cleaner, if a slightly more confused home. I’ll be honest, we left introducing chores for our children until it was almost too late. I dearly hope you don’t make this mistake too. In fact, if you’re reading this and your 1 year-old is […]

Why kids can’t find things

  It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young child sent in search of an urgently needed object, must be in want of any idea how to find it. In our house, as in any house with several children, it is (dis)organised chaos much of the time.  I thought it was quite tidy, but […]

Help! I’m allergic to lists.

  I have never favoured lists, but since marriage to my darling husband 10 years ago, my aversion has only grown.  Writing lists is, to him, as breathing oxygen.  He writes enough lists for me and our entire extended family too.  If only I could outsource my list requirements to him. Due to my allergic […]

Pinnies from Heaven

There is a wonderful lady, Sherry Hayes, who – although I have never met her – has been a great inspiration to me over the past couple of years.  I aspire to be a kind, patient, creative, organised and (above all else) loving mother, and she is providing real life examples to motivate and inspire.  […]


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