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FREE Disney Frozen Activities

To get in the mood for Frozen 2 there’s plenty of fun to be had, while you wait, FOR FREE!  We were really late to the party with the original, but I think we are almost ready for a fresh dose!  Although I wasn’t all that impressed by the first film’s plot, I thought the […]

Paper Plate Fruits

I was actually searching for a paper-plate based weaving activity when a tutorial for these larger-than-life slices of watermelon, apple and lemon caught our 5 year-old’s eye.  They are bright, cheerful and easy to make, all you need is plain paper plates, scissors, glue, scraps of coloured paper and some paint. The original tutorial suggested […]

Harvest Art

I love to encourage the children to just paint whatever they like with watercolours/poster paints. As mentioned elsewhere on this site I have a particular dislike for ready-mixed acrylic paint! Apart from the mess and tidying up, it has such a bold, flat, unnatural appearance. Granted, it has its place, and if you need to […]

FREE Medieval History Resources

We’ve been exploring some aspects of Medieval history recently.  There’s always particular interest in our household in jousting tournaments and crenellated battlements. We’ll get to Warwick Castle one of these days…! There’s plenty of interesting images to print off and colour over at ClipArt ETC like these knights jousting.  There’s also a couple of nice […]

Autumn Cork Paintings

We used wine bottle corks and kids’ paint to create autumn trees with their leaves changing colour and falling to the ground.  You could draw your tree with felt tip pen like we did, or cut out and stick on a tree shape first.

Lavender Rice

Make this incredibly easy tactile rice for relaxing, inspiring play.  It looks lovely, smells lovely and keeps small people busy for a surprisingly long time as they dig deep into their imaginations!

Painted Leaves

Autumn – or Fall – is here, as evidenced by the abundance of leaves tumbling down.We headed out to play on the crunchy yellow brown carpet, and collected a load to bring home and paint.


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