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Embracing Life

  My husband recently observed that almost ­­everything we are striving for in our home is, in one way or another, either creating – or sustaining – life.  That’s our vision, our dream, our plan.  We sow cabbages; then we wipe caterpillar eggs off them. We hatch out ducklings; then we feed them and muck […]

How Children Learn

  Babies and toddlers have a wonderful ability to learn and develop.  Our 9-month-old could sit A levels in locating and eating newspaper, cardboard and magazines and he would get straight As. He has also expressed a strong interest in studying for an honours degree in Climbing The Stairs. We have a 4-year-old who holds […]

Coconut oil to relieve baby reflux/colic

I’m sure you’ve heard about coconut oil.  My mother-in-law gets full credit for introducing it into our household.  She eats it, drinks it, cooks with it, rubs it into wounds, probably bathes in it and washes the dishes with it, I shouldn’t wonder.  On a serious note though, I am grateful for her patient insistence […]

Pinnies from Heaven

There is a wonderful lady, Sherry Hayes, who – although I have never met her – has been a great inspiration to me over the past couple of years.  I aspire to be a kind, patient, creative, organised and (above all else) loving mother, and she is providing real life examples to motivate and inspire.  […]

Back to homeschool

It’s been a beautiful and busy summer for us.  Here we are at the Field of Dreams, the UK’s largest wildflower meadow, down in our corner of Somerset.  We’ve harvested and eaten hundreds of strawberries (Pimms, anyone?), watched the World Cup, broken a leg (literally), had the archery set out lots, celebrated ten years of […]


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